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Key Features

  • High-density Plamacluster Technology
  • Designed for In-Car Use
  • Neutralizes Mould, Bacteria and Odours Using Natural Ionization
  • High and Low Mode Operation
  • Simple One-Touch Operation
  • Fits into Car Cup Holder
  • Long Life Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit
  • Low Power Consumption (1.3W in Low Mode)
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PlasmaCluster Ion Technology

Plasmacluster Ion technology releases both positive and negative ions into the air. The cluster ions diffuse throughout the car, surrounding airborne allergens, turning them into harmless substances like water. The benefits of using the IGBC2UB in your car are eliminating unpleasant lingering odours like cigarette smoke, pet odours, removes musty car smells and airborne viruses.

High Ion Density of 25,000 ions/cm3 *
Powerful air purification capabilities are ensured with use of newly developed high-density Plasmacluster ion generator achieving 25,000 ions/cm3 density in High Mode. To enable stable ion emission with high density the Plasmacluster ion generating unit mounted in IGBC2JB needs to be replaced periodically. The replacement is recommended after 17,500 hours of operation (around 6 years when operating 8 hours a day).

Designed to release high-density of Plasmacluster ions that follow the car’s interior airflow
Plasmacluster ions are released at a 20 degree upwards angle and are carried along the ceiling of the car to every part of the interior by the Coanda effect. (Coanda effect: when a jet of air or water is discharged, it tends to travel along a nearby curved surface for a considerable distance, even to the point of bending around corners)

Applicable for Passenger Car with 12V DC Batteries
12V car adapter is enclosed for easy connection.

Simple One-touch Operation
Pressing the operation button, starts the emission of High-Density Plasmacluster ions immediately. The airstream can be increased (High Mode) to boost the purifying capacity.

Fits into a car cup holder
With a diameter of 6.5cm and a height of 150mm, the IGBC2UB fits into most car cup holders, and operates on the supplied 12V DC plug.

Stylish Design
Stylish design of the unit can act as a part of interior setting of your car.

* Approximate number of ions as measured from a point near the center of the space of the applicable volume (0.5 metres from the floor) when operated in the respective operating modes.

• Sharp air purifiers have been tested in accordance with the standards of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers for Clean Air Delivery Rate.
• British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval logo is a registered trademark of Allergy UK.
• ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are U.S. registered marks.
• All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
• Specifications and images are subject to change without notice.


    Air Purification System Plasmacluster & Fan
    Applicable floor surface area (m2) 39 (Most passenger vehicles)
    Automatic Operation based on Sensor(s) No
    Plasmacluster Indicator Light Yes
    Humidification System No
    Remote Control No
    Fan Speeds 2 (High / Low)
    Manual Operation Yes
    Air Louver Yes, Fixed
    OFF Timer (hours) No
    Clean Sign Indicator No
    Lights ON/OFF Button No
    Noise Levels (Max / Med / Low)
    Air Purifier Only 36 Max / 28 Low
    Dust or Odor No
    Clean Filter Indicator Light Yes
    Micron Mesh Pre-Filter Back Panel
    Dust Collection
    Filter Life Permanent Micro-screen
    Antimicrobial No
    Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz) 12V-DC
    Power Input (W) (High / Low) 2.3 High / 1.3 Low
    Standby Power (Watts) 0.3
    Power Cord Length (m) 5
    Agency Approvals
    Safety Standard UL/cUL
    Additional Specifications
    Category High Density Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier
    Limited Warranty 1 year parts and labor from date of purchase
    UPC 074000663114
    Weight & Dimensions
    Dimensions (W x D x H) 80mm x 150mm x 80mm
    6” x 3 1/8” x 3 1/8”
    Weight 340g


    Operator Manuals