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Quattron Plus
Full HD
AQUOS Quattron+
AQUOS QuattronPlus

Quad Pixel Technology

Quad Pixel is available only from Sharp and featured on Quattron series products. By adding yellow to the conventional red, green and blue sub-pixels, the technology allows for the display of many colours never-before-seen on TV like brilliant yellows, sparkling golds and Caribbean blues, just to name a few. Additionally, the yellow sub-pixel brightens the picture thanks to higher light throughput.

With More Colours, You Get More TV

Quad Pixel Technology offers advancements in picture quality that were previously difficult or impossible to produce using conventional LCD displays. Combining Quattron with Sharp’s 1080p X-Gen panel, our displays optimize colour reproduction, overall picture quality and contrast ratios, while our efficient LED backlights lower power consumption.

Quad pixel plus

Quad Pixel Plus Technology provides a smooth transition between colours by enabling individual illumination or shading of the “dots” or sub-pixels. By illuminating or displaying shades a smoother looking image with a higher perceived level of detail is possible.


Access via built in WiFi to on-demand movies through Netflix® and VUDU* , and find comfort in the support of AQUOS Advantage Live, Sharp’s highly acclaimed remote online customer service.

* When available in Canada


The Evolution of AQUOS TV