Your information is a critical
asset. Protect it with Sharp’s
benchmark Data Security Suite.

A Multi-Layer Approach.

image descriptionBy failing to secure their MFP, organizations leave themselves vulnerable to a variety of threats including: information theft, denial of service attacks, viruses, and even lawsuits. Sharp MFPs are specifically designed to protect you from these risks. Multiple security layers make it virtually impossible to access the network, retrieve data, scan, copy, print, or fax without authorization.

  • Secure data - 256-bit advanced encryption helps prevent data interception, while overwriting deleted data ensures no trace is left on the MFP’s internal memory.

  • Secure network access - Mac and IP protocol port disabling block outside access to your confidential information.

  • Secure documents - Encrypted PDF files and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocols make scanning, printing, email, and set-up more secure.

  • Secure the audit trail - Creating a record of all users' activity and every page that is printed or copied discourages misuse of the MFP and sensitive information.

  • Secure users - Account codes, user/group profiles, passwords, and network authentication restrict unauthorized and anonymous use.

  • A convenient end-of-lease feature overwrites all data, including: document filing, user data job status, date and address book.

Sharp earned the first Common Criteria Validation for document and information security, and continues to receive the highest level of Common Criteria Validation.

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