Executive Message


Thank you for visiting the Sharp Website. Since our founding in 1912, Sharp Corporation has continuously opened up new areas of industry with its original products, from the “Ever-Sharp” mechanical pencils from which the company name was derived, to the commercialization of the first Japanese-made radios and televisions, the world’s first LCD electronic calculators, and a host of other products incorporating our state-of-the-art LCD technology. These products have contributed to the improvement of human living and the advancement of society as a whole.

The environment surrounding the electronics industry is rapidly changing as information technology and network infrastructure advance, along with the acceleration of technological innovation. Companies worldwide are furiously competing to capture new markets. By once again returning to our business creed of “Sincerity and Creativity” and being an innovator of products and services, Sharp is aiming to become a “one-of-a-kind” company that creates 21st century lifestyles with electronics technology. Thank you for visiting sharp.ca and please check in often to learn more about Sharp and Sharp products.

Carmine Cinerari,
President, Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd.